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Wedding Ceremonies, Marriage Blessings & Renewal of Vows

As beautiful as it is to be married in a church, it isn't always possible for everyone to have this luxury, and in our modern times not everyone would want to. Churches are very strict and usually only allow couples to be married if they not only live in the parish, but attend services regularly. If this is your second wedding very few churches will accommodate you, and if you are arranging a same sex marriage (civil partnership) then you will be pointed in the direction of a Registry Office. Many people choose a Registry Office because they aren't aware that it is possible to get married almost anwhere nowadays. But Registry Offices, although very beautiful inside, can be restricting. There is no room for personal input, and it is a formal legality with little ceremony included. Choosing a Civil Celebrant to help compose and then deliver you marriage ceremony, means you can be completely original and unique.

So, you may freely choose to have you ceremony any place you wish. You may decide to have your ceremony on a boat, on the beach or even in your own garden. You may choose a grand hotel, or a country inn. You are not limited to a narrow time slot as you would be with a Registry Office wedding. Choosing somewhere more personal and meaningful has the benefit of a larger time frame, for example, if holding your ceremony outdoors, it could be held in the early eveing during a sunset, or even at midnight under a full moon. 

For most couples it is the ceremony that makes the wedding perfect. It is what everyone remembers about the day, and Sacred Ceremonies will definitely make it a day to remember.

However, to make the marriage legally binding, the couple must attend a meeting with a Registrar to sign the Marriage Register. This can be done quietly before the ceremony, or a day or two before. The only people that are required to attend alongside the happy couple, are two witnesses. Once this has been completed you are free to celebrate your perfect day with your own unique, memorable ceremony. 

For a Renewal of Vows Ceremony you may wish your day to be as lavish as a wedding, or quiet and personal for close friends and family. Evelyn will deliver all of your desires for your special day.

Blessing Ceremonies are ideal if you have already had your main wedding at a Registery Office, or perhaps abroad, and would like a special ceremony for your family and friends to share in your celebrations. If you would like a religious blessing Evelyn is ordained as a minister and will happily conduct a more spiritual ceremony for the newly weds. 

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