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The Shaman is an adviser, counsellor and guide to the community. Using ceremony, divination or altered states of consciousness, a trance state, they converse with spirit for guidance, help and healing for those who come to them. The Shaman walks with one foot in the physical world and one foot in the Spirit World, walking between the two worlds to seek knowledge and guidance from the Spirits, the Ancestors, Power Animals, the Elements and Natural Earth Energies. This knowledge can be used to give Healing to people, animals and the land. The Shaman may use drums, rattles, bells, feathers and stones to connect with spirit and bring healing energy.

Traditionally a Shaman is born into the role, or is chosen by the community, and may spend years learning and training. Many Shaman go through an experience of near death at some point in their life, which is considered an initiation. Shaman are needed all over the world to act as mediators between spirit and the physical world, to anchor spirit energy into the earth. In many countries traditional Shaman still practice, but unfortunately in Europe there are none. To address this situation there are many Shamanic Practitioners who have been trained effectively in core shamanism by respected authorities on the subject.

Evelyns' Story - My Journey with Shamanism

As a child I knew nothing of shamanism, but simply felt a deep connection to the earth and nature. I grew up in a tiny village in North Wales and spent as much time possible out in nature. It was here, at the age of nine, that I saw my first spirit. At 11, just before I moved away, I caught German measles and wasn't able to say goodbye to any of my school friends. I missed the countryside greatly, and although I didn't know it at the time, I had left part of my soul behind, sitting in a tree by my home in the heart of the valley. I felt depressed, that something was missing, and never really felt settled in my new home. At the age of 13 I became very ill, and nearly died. Thankfully I did recover after a few months. A year after I became initiated into Transendental Mediation and my spiritual path truly began. Over the years I learned many spiritual practices and healing techniques. I had always felt an infinity with Native American Indians, and in 1993 I felt called to learn more, so I read books and learned how to make shamanic crafts. During a past life regression I recalled a life as a young Native girl. Time was taken up for a few years while I studied Biology at University as a mature student, but after that, in 1998, I moved to Wiltshire with my two children. A few months later I began my Shamanic training with Alan Tickhill at the Raven Lodge, during which time I was introduced to my power animal, the white bear, and was given the name Whitebear Woman. Following that I also learned additional techniques and practices from various people, including Peruvian Shaman Inti Cesar Malsquez, and Baer, a traditional Siberian Shaman. I held a channelling group every week where my friend channelled a Native American who told us that in a past life we were both his wives. We got on well together and were like sisters to each other. In this current lifetime we are very close friends, like sisters, and we were born just 5 days apart.

For several years I practiced and then taught Shamanic Healing but then had an unexpected and crushing experience, which made me decide to give up my Shamanic Practice. I took a several years out, but soon felt a call back. In 2015 dipped my toe back in the water by birthing a new shamanic hoop drum, but didn't do much more. But it was a start. Then a year later, during a visit to Lithuania to stay with friends, a Shaman came to the house to perform a ceremony for the gathering. The Shamans

ceremonial drumming instantly rekindled my passion for drumming

and Shamanism, and I knew that it was where my heart truly lay. In

no time I was back on track, practicing once again, and reconnecting

with my spirit guides. To really get myself back on track I felt drawn

to retrain and refresh my practice, so I am currently studying Sacred

Drumming with Steven Ash, at the College of Sound Healing. I have

now birthed another drum and a new rattle for my healing work, and

my creativity is flowing as once again as I create shamanic craft work

such as medicine bags and bead-work fans. You can see some of my

                                                                     creations via the Shop

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                          Thank you for taking the time to read my story. 


What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the world’s oldest spiritual practice. It is an earth or nature based spirituality. Although the word Shaman is Siberian, meaning one who ‘sees’ or ‘knows’, the core of Shamanism has roots all around the world. Although there are many differences from culture to culture, its basics, or its core, are similar throughout. It is a way of life that honours the earth as a living entity, and all that lives upon her; rocks, plants and all creatures are sacred. Everything has a spirit, and everything is connected. Absolute respect is shown for everyone and everything around us, living in harmony and as one with all that is.

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