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Naming Ceremonies

Baby Naming Ceremonies are a lovely way to introduce a newcomer to the family. It provides a lovely alternative to a traditional Christening. They can be held anywhere meaningful, even at your own home with family and friends, in a traditional way or with a personal theme. However, Naming Ceremonies aren't just for babies, but can be adapted for older children or even adults. 

There are many poems, readings, even songs that can be incorporated into the naming ceremony.

The traditional 'Godparents' may be invited and included, although you may wish them to have an alternative title such as 'Guardians'. Meeting before the day of the ceremony, I work with the parents, parent or legal guardians, to write the ceremony that is perfect for their child.

After the ceremony the baby or child receives a beautiful Certificate of Name-giving. Godparents or Guardians may also receive a certificate if wished.


Contact Evelyn to arrange a date for your ceremony, and to meet a few weeks beforehand to begin preparations for your perfect ceremony.

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