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Sound Therapy

Sound has been used for therapeutic and healing purposes for thousands of years. The vibrational energy of tonal sound penetrates both our physical and energetic bodies, healing body, mind and soul.


Singing Bowls/Gong

Crystal Bowls & Tibetan Singing Bowls have an extraordinary healing effect on the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual aspects of a person, bringing all round healing on a deep level. The unique vibrational frequencies of each bowl brings a specific healing energy to each individual at each session.

The Gong may also be used in a Sound Healing session to bring in a greater depth of vibrational healing.


Healing with sacred bowls focuses on treating the main 8 chakras of the body, to bring clarity, healing and balance to these energy centres. Chakras are vortices of energy, which are the energy centres of our being. They rotate continuously, distributing energy evenly around the body, keeping one perfectly balanced & energised. When chakras are out of sync, or out of balance, blockages occur which prevents a free flow of the body's energy, which could result in illness.

Vocal Toning

The vocal techniques used in Sound Therapy are toning, which is the singing or sounding of a single tone known as a vowel sound, and overtoning which is a special technique where two or more tones are sung simultaneously. Chanting of Sanskrit words known as a Mantra may also be used.

As a trained therapist I create a vibrational treatment specific to my clients needs, depending on their symptoms and their intentions, for example, a relaxing session would differ from an energising session. Combining sound instruments in a specific way it is possible to influence brainwave frequencies, and help my client to enter a state of deep relaxation or meditation, or an altered state of consciousness. Whilst in this level of brainwave activity, the mind, body and spirit are able to recover naturally, bringing about profound healing results.


Sound healing session - 

First session lasts approximately 90 minutes - £60

Consecutive treatments 60 minutes £50.

Drum Healing

A Drum Healing session, or Therapeutic Rhythm Session is given using a double sided hoop drum, rattle, feather and bell. Each is delivered in a specific order to maximise the therapeutic process. The drum is used to explore imbalances in the auric field, removing them and refining the aura. The rattle, feather and bell are also used to fine tune the energy of the auric field, removing any energy blockages, negative energy or intrusions. This is a deeply relaxing healing experience bringing overall balance and wellbeing. 

Drum healing session - £50

Each session lasts approximately 45-60 minutes.


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