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Healing for People and Animals

Many of our 21st century illnesses are are actually caused by stress. Sometimes stress is not just the pressure of work or home life, it can be caused by living an unaligned life, one that is not conducive to our well being. Therefore any holistic treatment that brings deep relaxation to the client will help to alleviate and reduce stress, and will provide an effective way to prevent and treat illness. Animals also respond well, and enjoy, the relaxation of energy healing.

The following therapies bring deep relaxation and healing:

Sound Therapy

Shamanic Healing

Golden Ray Healing


Crystal Healing 

Far Infrared Therapy

(with Cocoon or Biomat)


Energy Healing for Animals

Animal Communication

Also: Soul Realignment

Soul Realignment


Through this powerful spiritual healing modality, we can clear and heal the negative karmic patterns of past lives that have created limitations in our current lives.

Through Soul Realignment, we can experience a profound transformation in our life experiences. We begin attracting new experiences as we create more of what we want, as we break through to a new level of spiritual growth and evolution.

Through Soul Realignment I can accurately unlock information about the Soul's nature, purpose, and gifts.


Have you ever wondered why we can get "stuck" in the process of inner and outer transformation? Do you want to know exactly why we attract the experiences we are having? Soul Realignment offers comprehensive insight into the root causes behind the persistent negative patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior that plague so many people. By examining negative karmic patterns that may be affecting us at Soul-level, we can gain real and meaningful explanations for many of our present-life experiences ... and resolve these experiences to finally create what we truly want for ourselves.

After the Soul-level root causes have been resolved energetically, clients find that they can more easily change behaviors and patterns that have kept them “stuck” for years, sometimes even decades.  This opens many doors of opportunity to truly create the life you desire for yourself.  How quickly changes manifest themselves often depends on your individual belief system and your conscious participation in the realignment process.

Soul Realignment is an intuitive mode of healing that helps people express their Divine Gifts and Soul Purpose. Through accessing the Akashic Records it is possible to heal past life traumas that are being carried within the Auric field from incarnation to incarnation. 

Past life vows can affect the way we live our current life, and can cause blockages, restrictions and negative patterns that prevent us from living the life we are supposed to live. We wonder why we can't quite get what we want out of life, why we self sabotage, or why we are unable to get over certain hurdles. 

The session will reconnect you to your true planetary origins, which will uncover specific soul characteristics that you will recognise in your personality. Past lives are accessed to uncover what is holding you back in your current lifetime. I also look at how many guides you may have and check that they all have positive influences. Your soul will be checked for any loss and if there is, a soul retrieval will be carried out. 

We are the Divine creators of our own experience, through free will and choice. 

If you would like to get your life back on track, and life the life you were born to live, contact me to arrange a Soul Realignment session.

Soul Realignment takes around 2 hours or preparation and 1 hour presentation.

You will receive a record of your report either printed or recorded.

The fee is £120 paid in advance.

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