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Drum Birthing

Sacred Drum Birthing Workshop

Outdoor event

date tba

Does the sound and rhythm of the drum call

to you? Are you being called to birth your own

Sacred Shamanic Drum?
Birthing your own drum is a sacred experience

where you create your own drum to use in your

shamanic practice. Becoming a drum keeper or

caretaker is an honour. When you birth a drum

it becomes a part of you, and part of your life,

a sacred medicine tool. During the process of birthing your drum you will connect with the spirit of the animal who's hide is used for the drum, and the spirit of the tree that provided wood to make the hoop. These spirits live on in the drum, so as you breathe life into your drum you honour these spirits. The drum is a living, breathing entity with it’s own voice and it’s own power. Drumming is a practice of prayer where the beat helps you to call upon your protecting spirits, Great Spirit, the Great Mystery - All that is.
Your drum, once birthed, can be used for Personal Healing & Journeying, Shamanic healing, Reiki Drumming and Healing Ceremony.
Are you ready to align your heart, with the voice of your drum,
To the heartbeat of the Earth, to combine souls and work as one?

During the workshop we will journey to discover the purpose of your drum, and to connect with the spirit of the drum. We will create a beautiful drum and beater. You will also be given directions on how to care for your drum, and how to use your drum.

The cost is £190 per person for a 16" drum.
A 50% non-refundable deposit is required as early as possible to secure your place,

as this allows time to prepare the materials for the workshop. The balance is due

two weeks before the date of the event.

Please bring a suitable stick to make your beater. This should be a strong stick about 1 to 2cm in diameter and around 20 - 30cm long. The shorter beaters can be made with heads at each end. Also bring a blanket and cushion to sit or lie on, and a packed lunch.

Arrive 15 minutes before the start of the event to give us time to settle. We aim to finish between 5 and 6pm, so no one is rushed.

There will be a drum circle held two weeks later on the 27th June, and there will be an opportunity beforehand to perform a blessing for your drum. 

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