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Regarding an entity clearing and house cleansing.

Thanks again so much for your guidance, I can't thank you enough. It would take a special person to do what you did and find reason and understanding the way you did. You should be proud of your wisdom. I thought long and hard about who could help. I needed someone I could trust 100% and then thought of you. You should be proud to have the wisdom to see that something wasn't right and not to give up. I myself have regained strength and am feeling totally in control again. You have pulled me out of a dark place and opened up new paths for me.




I was lucky enough to have a Shamanic drum healing session with Evelyn. I had not experienced anything like this before but had been feeling very frazzled and stressed after three months of 18 hour days. Well all can say is WOW! After the session I felt totally relaxed and I have been sleeping like a log ever since! If you're finding life is a bit much at the moment, or you just want to take some time out for yourself...treat yourself to a session. It may not be the first thing you think of - but trust's worth it! Thank you Evelyn. I look forward to being able to do another one when the need arises - and when I've saved some money I'm going to ask you to draw my guide(s) for me - I know I have 3 or 4 so lord knows who you'd get....oh yes, her art work is beautiful too!   

C. J. Anderson


WOW !!! Absolutely incredibly talented lady who has given me an amazing spiritual guide portrait! When I opened it I was absolutely gobsmacked by the results! Evelyn did such an amazing job and I am so pleased with the results and so thankful to Evelyn for letting me meet my spirit guide. What an amazing talent you have! The message I received was also spot on. Thanks again Evelyn your truly a talented soul and amazing at what you do!

L. Derham


I was also lucky enough to have my spirit guide drawn. Evelyn tuned in and drew her whilst I was present. I went into the healing rooms for my reading with Mitch, and when I returned Evelyn was still drawing. I have a beautiful spirit guide called Ursula, whom I feel very connected to. She has beautiful red hair, and looks very Irish. I've always known my spirit guide would be Irish. She is now on the wall, in pride of place, watching over me, and guiding me. Thank you so much Evelyn, you are a very beautiful, gifted lady xxx 

D. Hammond


Was lucky enough to have a spirit guide drawing done!!! Not only was this drawing absolutely beautiful, I also have seen this guide and he looks how he was drawn. He has also come through before. So this was BIG confirmation. Wow thank you Evelyn such a beautiful pure channel for the spirit world. Anyone wanting a reading or drawing with Evelyn I would highly recommend xxx 

M. Garlington

Such a beautifully calm and peaceful place, I feel so at peace in your healing room that I feel I could stay forever! 
Thank you for my ear candle treatment, I found it very helpful. 
I hope to return soon for a Spirit Guide portrait. 
Thank you again.

C. Younger


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