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Shamanic Rattle Crafting Workshop



The Medicine Rattle is a useful tool to own and can be used in shamanic ceremony, healing practices, and room and environment cleansing.

In this workshop you will create your own Rattle and become the caretaker of your own sacred medicine tool.

The Medicine Rattle is used in ceremony to call upon

power animals and guides for assistance. A sacred

space can be created by rattling around the perimeter

of a circle. They can be used for clearing stagnant

energy to allow the flow of clean energy. Healing

energy can be mentally transmitted into the environ-

ment, or to another person, through the rattle. Energy

can be directed with the rattle wherever or whenever

it is required.

The Medicine Rattle is a useful tool to use alongside the shamanic drum, as they work well together. The use of the rattle in ceremony, like the beat of the drum, can induce an altered state of mind, or trance state. Where the drum beat has a lower vibrational frequency, the rattle creates higher frequencies. When used together, both the drum and rattle are able to clear unwanted stagnant energy and stimulate the flow of fresh revitalising energy. The rattle can be used over the upper body and head to stimulate the neural pathways and cerebral cortex, and the drum over the mid and lower body to stimulate the physical body and organs.

The Rattle will be made over two sessions, each a week apart.
The first day will be spent cutting, sewing and shaping the head your rattle. You will also learn about the various uses of this versatile shamanic tool.
You rattle head will then take a few days to dry, ready for the second session.
In the second workshop you will add stones to your rattle, secure its handle, and decorate it with leather, fur and feathers if you wish. We will then consecrate the rattle, and spend some time practicing its various uses.

The cost of the workshop is £50 in total and will include all main materials and refreshments.

A deposit of £20 will reserve your place, the balance to be paid a week before the event.
Please bring packed lunch for the first day.

You are welcome to bring your own feathers, or any anything you would like to adorn

your rattle. You are encouraged to find a stick for the handle, and some tiny stones to

put inside, to make it wholly personal, although there will be some available to use on the day.

Day 1: 11am - 4pm
Day 2: 1pm - 5pm


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