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Shamanic Healing Practitioner Course

In many countries of the world traditional Shaman still practice, but unfortunately in western Europe there are none. To address this situation many people are being called by spirit to become Shamanic Practitioners and Healers. They are needed today more than ever, as we live in a time where people are out of balance and generally in poor health, suffering from stress related illnesses common in this modern age. The Shamanic practitioner acts as mediator walking with one foot in the physical world and one foot in the spirit world, walking between the two to seek knowledge and guidance from the Spirits, the Ancestors, Power Animals, the Elements and Natural Earth Energies, to bring guidance and healing to those in need. This knowledge can be used to bring healing to people, animals and the land. The Shamanic practitioner uses drums, rattles, bells, feathers and stones to correct energetic imbalance, retrieve soul loss, and bring healing energy to their patient. 

The hoop drum is central to shamanic practice. It alters the brain patterns to place the client in a state where healing occurs naturally. Many scientific studies have shown that drumming reduces stress and blood pressure. It boosts the immune system, and reduces pain and inflammation in the body.

The Shamanic Healing Practitioner Course is a one year course held over several days and weekends throughout the year. We begin the course with an overview of Shamanism and how we can use it in the modern day to enrich the lives of ourselves and others through ceremony and healing. You will birth your own drum and create your own rattle for you to use throughout the course. We will work with the four elements, and the spirits of the seven sacred directions for your own personal growth and spiritual development. You will learn Shamanic healing techniques using drum, rattle, feather and other sound tools and also soul retrieval. You will also be introduced to extraction techniques to clear negative energy and spirit attachments. You will learn how to journey to the three spiritual realms to connect with our guides and helpers. Over the year these connections will deepen as you begin to take on the role of Shamanic Healer and Practitioner. 

The course consists of 4 one day workshops and 3 weekend workshops spread over the year, and home study which will consist of reading, written homework, case studies and dissertation.

Dates tba

Module 1


Module 2

Module 3

Module 4


​This course is also available as a Distant Learning course.

(NB. Drum birthing is not included in the DL version, and course format will differ)



Total course fees £1020 / Early bird £940 (including costs for Drum birthing materials) 

Deposit £200, then £70 per day / £140 per weekend, payable 10 days before each workshop.

Plus £120 for Drum birthing materials to be paid for in addition to deposit.

Early bird price £950 including drum birthing materials of £120, saving £70. 

(deposit is reduced to £120)

£120 for Drum birthing materials to be paid in advance



Distant Learning Course


The course will cover;









Distant Learning course: Total Course fees £550

Three payment options:

Pay in full

Initial payment £200 plus 3 payments of £125 (total payable £575)

Initial payment £155 plus 8 payments of £55 (total payable £595)

Email Evelyn at Heart Song for more information or to book your place.

Introduction to Shamanism, The Sacred Directions, Preparation of Drum Skins, Drum Birthing

Drum Blessing, Drum Circle, Journeying

Rattle Making, Space clearing, Healing practices, Insurance, Data Protection Healing Practice, Journeying, Case studies begin    

Soul Retrieval, Introduction to Extraction, Case Study overview

Healing Practice Overview, Q&A’s, Journeying
Drumming Circle, Overview, Graduation Ceremony & Celebrations


  • Introduction to Shamanism

  • The Medicine Wheel

  • The Sacred Directions

  • Consecration of Sacred Tools

  • Collecting Powers and Allies

  • Drum Blessing​

  • Rattle Making

  • Rattle Medicine

  • Space clearing

  • Power Song

  • Healing practices

  • Sound for Healing

  • Basic Kinesiology

  • Case studies

  • ​Journeying the the 3 Worlds​​

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Intrusions & Extractions

  • Spirit Releasement

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