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Handfasting Ceremonies


Handfasting ceremonies are more often than not held outdoors, and often at sacred sites such as Avebury, the Rollright Stones, Chalice Wells, St Nectans Glen to name just a few, although forest glades and lakesides are perfectly suitable or even your own garden. I recently conducted a beautiful ceremony with a wican theme, at a lovely hotel. Originally planned to be held in the grounds, the windy weather turned the wedding party indoors and the ceremony was held instead in a lovely conservatory. It is good to have a plan B just in case the British weather doesn't deliver on the day. Or, a good supply of umbrellas for everyone!  

An advantage of choosing somewhere outdoors means it's more personal and meaningful, and could be held in the early evening during a sunset, or even at midnight under a full moon. Popular times are of course at Solstice, Equinox, Beltane (May Day), or any other sabbat that feels appropriate or meaningful to the couple. 

Evelyn will help compose and deliver your handfasting ceremony, whether you would like it to be completely original and unique, or traditionally Pagan or Wiccan. Evelyn is happy to take the roll of Priestess, and if required a Priest could also attend, depending on the style of ceremony and the requirements of the couple. A handfasting usually lasts 'a year and a day', a trial period so to speak, after which another ceremony may take place to make the relationship permanent. However, if you prefer you can declare the union to last 'as long as love shall last' or 'forever and a day'.


For most couples who choose to have a handfasting ceremony, they need no more, however, if you wish to make the marriage legal, the couple must attend a meeting with a Registrar to sign the Marriage Register. This can be done quietly before the ceremony, or a day or two before. The only people that are required to attend alongside the happy couple, are two witnesses. Once this has been completed you are free to celebrate your perfect day with your own unique, memorable ceremony. 

© E. Whitebear
© E. Whitebear
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