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Archangel Michael & Archia Faith Attunements


Receiving the Diamond Platinum Initiation is an

acceptance of Archangel Michael’s Sword of Light and Truth,

and of The Chalice of Affluence,  as held by Archia Faith.


This Attunement brings Divine Energy through the grace of the Masters of Light, Archangel Michael and Archia Faith, giving many gifts to the recipient. It raises your vibration, awakens the dormant DNA that holds the memory pattern of your life path, removes karmic ties from this life and past lives and it opens you more deeply to the energy of light that is emerging on the planet as a whole. You will have the ability to expand your current spiritual and psychic abilities, awaken dormant ones and know what it is to be connected to Angelic energy. There is so much more that happens during and after the Attunement but words lack to express the depths of such a Divine experience.

Following the attunement there will be a channelling session with Archangel Michael, Archia Faith, or Ascended Master Kuthumi, who will give help and guidance regarding your spiritual path.


This initiation will carry you along on the next wave of the Ascension process. The Ascension refers to a change in consciousness aided by a rise in frequency, resulting in less density of physical matter. The Ascension process creates an opening to the Fifth Dimension, connecting you to your Higher Self. You will become a Fifth Dimensional being, allowing the lack and fear of the Third dimension to be brought to the surface, to be processed and released, allowing you to live at one with your true essence, your Spirit.

You will benefit from a heightened energy, enhanced ability to love yourself, a deeper connection with the Self with greater joy and more clarity about your sense of purpose. You will be further along on the path to transforming your physical body into light, and be more in touch with other Lightworkers on the planet. This process helps to release old negative painful patterns and allows a great healing of the body, mind and spirit.


The Fifth Dimension is characterised by feelings of unconditional love, peace, positiveness, unity and a sense of responsibility for your actions, because you know yourself as the creator. With your shift into a light body comes a subtle body that is superconscious. Your light body resembles the physical body to some degree, but since it operates at a different energy frequency, it is usually invisible to those being operating from Third Dimensional consciousness.


The *F.E.E. for your empowerment is £77    *F.E.E. = Fair Energy Exchange


History of the Archangel Michael Attunement


One morning in 1992, Kalki, a woman of Indian decent, woke up to see Archangel Michael standing at the foot of her bed. He asked of her to remember her service to him and called upon her to pick up the Sword of Truth and Light, to go forth and share his love and energy of the quickening with others. Kalki quit her job as an interior design decorator, and did just that. Since then, Kalki has travelled the world assisting and guiding people in the Ascension process with the Archangel Michael and Archia Faith Attunements. Her intense faith, her loving surrender, and her commitment are what have inspired so many to take a leap of faith; knowing very little information yet remembering on very deep levels that they too are of the Legions of Light, led by Archangel Michael.

Kalki, now in her late 60's, has taught several people in America how to pass the attunement. The knowledge was passed on to Ortalia, who in 2002 taught it to Soaring Eagle, now known as Ashamarae, an American living in the UK. In 2003 Soaring Eagle trained 25 people in the UK to pass the attunements, before he left to continue his work in Australia. One of those people was Evelyn Whitebear.


Evelyn Whitebear -

“I have channelled the Ascended Masters since 1995, receiving their wisdom and guidance on Ascension. In 1998 they strongly urged me to move to Wiltshire, though at the time I had no idea why, just that it was important. So, I put my house up for sale, within four days it was sold, and I left for Wiltshire. I spent the following 8 years working with the Earth energies in the area, particularly with Avebury and Stonehenge.

One evening in February 2003, during a space clearing session, I unexpectedly channelled Archangel Michael, which was a glorious experience! I decided then that I would work more with the angels, particularly Archangel Michael.

About a month later I received a phone call out of the blue, from Soaring Eagle (Ashamarae), asking me if I would be interested in the Archangel Michael and Archia Faith Attunements. Of course I agreed, and set about organising a small group of people who were also interested in receiving the attunement. The experience was nothing less than divine!

Since receiving the attunement my life has changed considerably, and of course for the better, and I know it was the right move to make. I knew from the moment I received the attunement that I would soon be passing them on to others, and here I am today, offering you the opportunity to receive this wonderful Initiation.”

                                                                                          * Evelyn *     

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