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Healing with Crystals

Crystals and Gemstones have been used in healing for thousands of years and is a gentle yet powerful mode of healing. Crystals and gemstone will give you exactly the right frequency of energy to help your body to repair itself on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
Quartz crystal is composed of silicon and water, which is also a major component of our own human body. A third of the Earth is composed of quartz crystal, which is why our bodies respond so well to its vibrational frequencies.
Wearing crystals, or laying crystals upon our bodies can rebalance our energies and clear energy blockages, allowing life force energy, or ‘Chi’, to flow freely around the body. Crystals and gemstones are placed on the body at specific points from head to toe, mostly around the main chakras or energy centres. When coloured gemstones are used they are placed to match the colour of the chakra, which enhances the energies of each individual chakra, cleansing and vitalising each centre. Each gemstone has a specific healing property, and are used accordingly, although most stones are chosen intuitively, depending on the needs of each individual. The aura and the chakras are realigned by the crystals energies, and this continues long after the healing session has ended.
Crystal Healing session is £50 for 1 hour, or £30 for half hour treatment. 
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