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Welcome to Heart Song


Spiritual Medium
Spiritual Healer


Sound Therapy, Shamanic Healing,
Golden Ray & Reiki Healing, Animal Healing, 
Celebrant/Priestess, Spiritual Artist

'Sing sweetly to the Universe,

and the Universe will sing

sweetly back to you'


Heart Song is a Sacred Healing Space at my home in Everleigh, Wiltshire.

The building, a converted stable, is build on the site of a Medieval Church and sits on top of a sacred underground spring.

At Heart Song we gently help to reawaken your soul and realign you to your true nature, bringing you into the present moment, to help you to find your true self and your soul purpose.  We will help you to find your own Heart Song.

Heart Song provides a safe, calm and relaxing space to receive therapies such as Sound Therapy, Shamanic Healing, Soul Retrieval, Sacred Drum Healing, Reiki, Higher-Self & Past Life Regression, Golden Ray (Flame) Energy Healing, Crystal Healing and also group sessions such as Cacao Ceremonies, Drum Healing, Gong and Singing Bowl Sound Baths.

I hold regular groups: 

Shamanic Drumming Circles,

Cacao Ceremonies, 

Sound Baths,

 Mediumship Development Circles

and Channelling groups.

And courses & workshops in:

Shamanic Healing - Shamanic Practitioner Training 

Sound Therapy - Singing Bowls


Drum Birthing and Rattle Crafting

Archangel Michael Attunements

In our little shop you will find all sorts of gems! Crystals, crystal skulls, hand made shamanic crafts, quality silver and gemstone jewellery, hand made gemstone jewellery and malas (prayer beads), wands, ornamental items, dreamcatchers, paintings & prints, candles, incense and fragrance burners.

Please follow the links for more information.

Stable Mews, Everleigh, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 3EY

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